"We came here in a time machine from 1986"

- Phantom Witch -

Phantom Witch was founded by drummer Q Minor in 2012 as "Phantom", taking inspiration from Heavy Metal Greats such as Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Death, & Pantera.  Over the years, Minor's demand for musical excellence caused members to cycle in and out of the band until 2015 when Bass player/Vocalist M.R. Abaintza and Lead Guitarist Geordan Austin joined the band.  The trio would continue on, relentlessly playing shows and melting faces throughout the California Bay area, playing with acts such as Michale Graves, Spellcaster, Visigoth, Strike Master, Luzbel & Hexx.


            Joined by Guitarist Travis Ochoa in 2017, the band's lineup was solidified with talented & dedicated musicians, and with the new lineup, came a new name: "Phantom Witch".  The band quickly began tracking for their Debut Album: "Death As We Know it", set to release in Summer 2017.


The Band

Q Minor
Zach Cox
zach cox.jpg

The mastermind behind the monster, Q minor found thrash metal as a high school student and quickly became obsessed with the relentless music.  Drawing massive inspiration from Dave Lombardo, he picked up drumming and formed what would eventually become Phantom Witch.  Coming from a classical music background as a Saxophone player, Minor's writing has an almost Jazzy feel to it, while retaining the evil sound straight out of 1986.  Minor's drumming style is a relentless attack of fast double kicks, and fills that hit you like Bruce Lee.

"You don't go to shows to listen to music, you go to shows to hit shit"
“A day without blood is like a day without sunshine”

A Bay Area native, Zach has had heavy music running through veins his ears since he was young. It wasn’t until he was about 15 when he moved to Santa Cruz, CA that he discovered his passion for writing and screaming. Fast forward to 2011 he joins StormBat and terrorized CA with their blend of ‘blackened thrash progressive doom groove’ until 2017. Now the new vocalist of Phantom Witch in 2019, he looks forward to destroying venues up and down the west coast and beyond with his new brothers. HAILZ!!

Erik Yakamz Hernandez.jpg
Erik "Yakamz" Hernandez
Travis Ochoa

San Jose native, Erik Hernandez has been playing in various different acts ranging from different genres for years. Ultimately it was the relentless musicality and furious machine gun riffs where Erik feels most at home, having fallen in love with Metallica's "Ride the lightning" in high school. From there onward Erik has strived to better and better with every project, learning from the greats like Paul Gilbert, Angel Vivaldi, Ryan Knight, and David Davidson to name a few. 

Travis Ochoa was inspired to take up the guitar from watching his father as a child.  Starting lessons in high school, Travis dove headfirst into playing heavy metal after being exposed to a lethal dose of Ozzy Osbourne.  From there onward, Travis was a Guitar addict, and could not put the instrument down.  Taking his inspiration from Michael Amott, Zakk Wylde, Alex Skolnick, and the legendary Gary Holt, Travis forged his playing with finesse & a wild edge.

"Whammy Bars & Tacos.  That's all you need."
"If you ain't first, you're last."
Travis Shot.png
Matt Ramos
"Go big or go bigger"

Although rooted in Thrash Metal, Matt Ramos has branched out and has taken inspiration from Jazz, Punk and Rock. He first picked up the bass at the age of 14 after his impulsive decision to buy one after looking at one at a music shop and as a result, became his main instrument of choice. His style of playing is influenced by but not limited to David Ellefson, Cliff Burton, Steve Harris and Rex Brown.