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To our fans, friends, and fellow musicians


The #1 thing that I love about the style of music that we play is the overwhelming sense of brotherhood that metalheads exude.  No matter what race, gender, or creed, we are all united as one huge heavy metal family.  In many ways I truly wish that our society as a whole could adopt this sense of unity.


The death of George Floyd was one of a series of callous acts committed against people of color in the United States.  The people who commit these acts have been essentially sanctioned by the government for generations, dating back to the lynching of negroes in the early 20th and late 19th century.  We as a band, and as a community have had enough.  We have protested and our voices have not been heard.  Our friends and family continue to be killed at the hands of those who should be protecting us.


We urge you all not to forget the reason you're upset.  Wanton destruction will achieve nothing but the destruction of your homes and livelihoods.  We urge you all to stand together to face the greater enemy of institutionalized racisim in America.


To our law Enforcement, we urge you to stand with us as one.  Understand our frustration, and uphold your duty to protect and serve your communities in these trying times.  Do not allow your brothers & sisters on the force to get away with misconduct & acts of violence.


We, as a band will halt all operations on Tuesday 6/2/2020, participating in the nationwide #TuesdayBlackout, and we invite you to join us.


United, we walk forward into a better world.


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