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You like stuff? We got stuff. Really cool stuff.

2018's been a hectic month already! Geordan & I just got back from winter NAMM in anahiem (Which was absolutely amazing! 10/10 would go again). We've been working hard on the album, and we should be done in just a few more months. We've also been working with some hardworking individuals to bring you some awesome new merchandise! Both of our brand new hat designs sold out almost as fast as we got them. The green snapbacks were printed by the extremely talented Saul Huizar. He has been an awesome person to work with, and we're looking forward to working with him in the future! The truckers were printed up by Monterey Bay Murals. Quick, easy, quick turnaround. Not much more a band could ask for.

Lastly, we're working to move all of our T-Shirt printing over to A&M Mercantile. Family owned, family run, and they've matched every price we've thrown at them! If you're printing with sites like CustomInk, these guys will blow them out of the water! Give our merch suppliers some love, if you're looking to get something screened, heat pressed, or embroidered, send them a message, I'm sure they'll give you a great price.

Want to get your hands on some of this cool stuff? Head over to our Merch page. Can't find it there? Then prehaps we'll have something for you on our out-of-stock merch page at Threadless.

We'll see you at our first show of the year, March 13th in Salinas! _Q

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